'Towards Greater Accountability for SRHR in Crisis Settings' Workshop

In 2017, the number of displaced people worldwide hit a new record, with more than 65.6 million people forcibly displaced around the world (source). What is more, half of this group represent women and girls while the provision of SRHR services in humanitarian settings is far from ideal. Recognizing this critical need and continuing our network’s work in this area which has started in 2016, Inspire organised its second workshop on SRHR in crisis between 15-16 November 2017 in Brussels.

The workshop was organised in partnership with our members - Médecins du Monde, Reproductive Health Matters, The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) and our partner, Countdown 2030 Europe. Twelve Inspire member organisations and three partner organisations from ten countries participated in the workshop. In total, 23 participants joined us for this workshop, in person or online.

The objectives of this year’s workshop were as follows:

  • Capacity building and learning in the following two areas:
  1. Existing policies on SRHR in humanitarian settings and European governments’ accountability regarding SRHR in humanitarian context;
  2. Funding landscape and financial accountability for SRHR in humanitarian context;
  • Exchange of information and experiences among the European SRHR community on their work in humanitarian settings;
  • Strategizing and planning for future actions at national and international level.

The main outcomes can be found in the conference report available here

The Inspire Secretariat is grateful for active participation and great energy of the workshop participants who made these two days an exciting learning process. We would like to say special thanks to our speakers whose outstanding contributions and guidance helped us to shape a realistic follow up plan to be implemented by the Inspire members and its partner in the following months.