"Advocating for sexual and reproductive health and rights in humanitarian responses" WORKSHOP

In association with IPPF European Network and Countdown 2030 Europe, Inspire brought together 22 participants from member organisations to enhance our knowledge and capacity on the SRHR in humanitarian responses, and exchange concrete ideas on how to use this in our (joint) advocacy and policy work in Europe and beyond, and on potential collaboration with important players in the humanitarian sector. 

  • Find out the key learnings, outcomes and recommendations in this short video.

The specific learning objectives of the workshop were:  

  1. Common and holistic understanding of the humanitarian ‘landscape’ and on SRHR issues in emergencies and humanitarian responses from a (European) policy and advocacy perspective, including a greater understanding of key terminology and concepts, global policy debates (e.g. the implications of the outcomes of the Istanbul World Humanitarian Summit) and important actors in the European humanitarian assistance sector;
  2. Exploration of entry points (including asks, spaces and instruments) for strengthened advocacy and policy influencing for increased recognition and response to the needs and vulnerabilities around SRHR in humanitarian responses. 

The immediate outputs include: 

  • 22 participants with policy/advocacy backgrounds and limited experience on advocacy on SRHR humanitarian responses were trained. 
  • Workshop participants identified concrete next steps in terms of joint follow-up and advocacy on the issue, both in the short-term and long-term (see details below). 
  • “Trickle-down effect”: a majority of participants shared concrete ideas and plans to take the topic forward in their respective work and organisations and share what they had learnt with colleagues and partners. 
  • An understanding and commitment that this is a topic that SRHR actors need to engage with.