At Inspire, we believe that we are most effective and influential when we pool our knowledge and share information broadly. That’s why we facilitate and encourage intelligence-sharing among members and other organisations working on sexual and reproductive health and rights and related issues. Our intelligence supports our members’ advocacy, fosters synergies and helps to mobilise our community on key opportunities for coordinated and timely action.

We ensure an effective and tailor-made communication exchange by using different channels and tools. Some are exclusively for our members; others are for a broader audience:



list servs

  • EUROPOPL: This list is a members-only platform to share advocacy-related intelligence, strengthen cooperation and foster synergies among our members and promote collective action.
  • WORLDPOPL: This list is open to the broader SRHR community, NGOs, development professionals, UN staff, academics, experts and donors. It is a platform to share general information, publications and events on SRHR, population and development issues.

You can sign up to our list servs, by contacting the Secretariat.




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