Our Strategy

The Inspire strategy sets out our collective intent for 2016 to 2020. It embraces established ways of working with a continuation of the objectives set up to today, defines new priorities and applies new approaches. The document is the result of a 9 months process of substantial consultations among members.  It comes after a period of renewal for the network and represents a remarkable evolution at a time of significant global change.



The 2016–2020 strategy at a glance:


Our strategic objective is to support and strengthen the efforts of the broad European SRHR community to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights in a global perspective.

To do so:

  • We will convene and connect European NGOs working on sexual and reproductive health and rights amongst themselves and with other networks, stakeholders and resources, by:

o    creating and administering virtual and physical spaces for collective discussion, idea- and information-sharing, learning, brainstorming, and strategising; and
o    sharing information, intelligence, experiences and learning.

  • We will foster synergies and complementarity amongst individual Inspire members and encourage alliance building between Inspire and other European and international groups working on sustainable development issues, by:

o    promoting internal network-building within Inspire and expanding and diversifying our membership; 
o    maintaining strong alliances with the ASTRA Network, Countdown 2030 Europe, European SRHR youth organizations and IPPF EN;
o    maintaining strong alliances with other networks and groups, within and outside the SRHR community, in Europe and beyond.

  • We will stimulate action to ensure a strong and sustainable European network for SRHR in a global perspective by:

o    promoting inclusive discussions and exploring sustainable options to ensure the future of European SRHR advocacy;
o    mobilising resources.