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SOGIE toolkit image
02 April 2019

A Toolkit to change hearts and minds.

SOGI Campaigns publishes a messaging toolkit about how activist and researchers in Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia and Mozambique explored new ways to influence public opinion on sexual and gender diversities.

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Focus on Europe

World Congress Famiy counter protest
03 April 2019

Verona: international solidarity against right-wing extremists

IPPFEN gathers in Verona against the World Congress of Families

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Inspire Updates

05 February 2019

First 2019 Conference planning meeting!

Conference committee members had the opportunity to meet in Brussels last week for an initial brainstorming session.

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Members’ News

SRHM Journal Cover
25 April 2019

Activist framing of abortion and use for policy change in Peru

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. SRHM has been posting relevant articles from the SRHM journal throughout the month.

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