11 September 2018

YOU ACT: Launch of ‘Limited Access: Europe’s Contraception Deficit’

To celebrate World Contraception Day (26th September), MEP Biljana Borzan and MEP Maria Gabriela Zoana co-hosted the European Parliament launch of ‘Limited Access: Europe’s Contraception Deficit’, a White Paper on Access to Contraception in Europe. The White Paper was developed following a survey of 46 European countries titled “Contraception Atlas” covering three areas: reimbursement of contraceptive supplies, access to family planning counselling and access to online information on modern contraception methods.

Based on the conclusions of this research, the group of experts supported by EPF launched the White Paper, which is a call to action and provides recommendations on how to improve access to contraception in Europe.YouAct Coordinator, Adriana Pereira, was invited to make a speech on behalf of Youth in Europe and address the importance of access to contraceptives for young people. Adriana focused on the importance of addressing affordability as a main obstacle for young people accessing and using contraceptives, as well as using new technologies to address the knowledge gap of contraceptives among young people. She proposed that technology this should be incorporated into comprehensive sexuality education and government supported websites with accurate and evidence-based information to break misconceptions, perceptions and myths surrounding contraceptives.

EPF Secretary, Neil Datta, gave his insights on ‘the need for increased access to contraceptives as well as more thorough sexual education within the European region, including EU member states. He stressed that the issue has many factors, including taboo surrounding the topic stemming from myths and cultural attitudes towards sexuality, government reimbursement programmes of contraceptives, and even whether or not a government provides accurate and accessible information about family planning online’.

To read full speech of You Act’s Coordinator, Please click here.