28 November 2018

Väestöliitto: collaboration with sustainable marketplace Weecos to support SRHR

The Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) and sustainable marketplace Weecos have started a collaboration to support sexual rights. We are exploring a new way of CSO and private sector partnership; shared values and a passion to make an impact are at the core of the collaboration - raising funds for Väestöliitto is the secondary goal.

Therefore, we are campaigning together in support of sexual rights. Last spring we represented global sexual rights to the general public through Weecos’ social media and this fall we are focusing on the importance of the participation of men and boys. Next spring we give attention to youth empowerment. Last month we organized a seminar together with a lot of media attention, and the brands operating under Weecos have created special items for the campaign. 

We asked Weecos to share their thoughts on why they see it is important to collaborate with Väestöliitto: 

"We believe that everyone has the right to be seen and heard just the way they are. As conservative parties world-wide are trying to suffocate this right at the moment, it is more crucial than ever to promote sexual rights together. Therefore, Weecos supports the Family Federation of Finland as we find their work among equality, women, minorities and sexual rights extremely valuable."