11 September 2018

Sex og politikk: Access to safe abortion – rights, values and justice, Oslo 28th of September

On the International Safe Abortion Day, September 28th, Sex og Politikk co-hosted a conference together with Norad, Seksualpolitisk Nettverk for Ungdom (SNU), Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association, Kilden Gender Research, Amathea and Oslo Metropolitan University.

This day also saw the release of the annual International Planned Parenthood Federation’s (IPPF) Vision2020 report, Her in Charge: Medical Abortion and Women’s lives – A Call for Action, and the online database for abortion medication www.medab.org.

The conference addressed some of the progress and challenges remaining for women’s access to safe abortion. State Secretary to the Minister of Children and Equality, Tom Erlend Skaug, and the Chair of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence at the Parliament both underlined the importance of continued Norwegian support to safe abortion. Medical abortion has already proved to be a means to reduce suffering and deaths from abortion, but what are the challenges to improve access to the medication, to secure information on its use, and the quality of the medicines? This was some of the issues discussed by a panel of experts from Norway, Colombia, Kenya and the IPPF Central Office.

With the recent victory for the Together for Yes! campaign in Ireland, Maeve Taylor from the Irish Family Planning Association shared from their journey towards this result, and the work ahead to realise women’s access to safe abortion.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Norwegian Abortion Law. What are young peoples’ experiences and attitudes in Norway today? This was discussed by a youth panel, showing that issues of sexuality, gender and health needs more attention.