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01 July 2019

RFSU publishes study on SRHR and shrinking space in civil society

RFSU publishes “Oppression and Opportunity: a study on SRHR and Shrinking Space”

In this new study, “Oppression and Opportunity: a study on SRHR and Shrinking Space”, RFSU looks more closely at the situation for SRHR including LGBTIQ activists with help from interviewees in partner organisation of RFSU around the world. RFSU asked them about the obstacles they experience in their work to advance SRHR rights; their strategies to get the work done in difficult circumstances; and what they consider to be the factors that enable them to do their work. Through these interviews and a workshop with the interviewees, it has become clear that there is no simple answer to the question whether SRHR activists and organizations face more severe restrictions on their work because of the global trend of shrinking space for civil society.


Please find the study in the attachment above.