new design of academic journal
12 March 2019

Reproductive Health Matters becomes Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters.

On February 2019. international journal Reproductive Health Matters (RHM) became Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (SHRM)

Last February 2019, Reproductive Health Matters (RHM), as it continues to build on 25 years of gender and rights-based research, policy, political analysis and advocacy on sexual and reproductive health and rights, became Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (SRHM).

The choice to change the name of the journal came from a desire for the organisation to fully embody a comprehensive understanding of sexual and reproductive health and rights that includes sexuality, sexual health, reproductive health, gender and gender diversity and human rights; an understanding that encompasses health services and health systems, economics and politics, as well as social determinants and and norms, laws, and policies.

The writers claimed 'Our name represents our vision: a world in which sexual and reproductive health and rights are recognized as fundamental human rights and matters of social justice; and in which the sexual and reproductive health needs and rights of people are fully respected, protected and fulfilled, regardless of age, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, geographical residence, race, colour, language, social status or other social, political or personal attributes." 

You can read this month's editorial following this link: Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters - What's in a name?