02 April 2019

#NextMarch8 YouACT’s one-day campaign

YouACT members share their wishes for next year during the #NextMarch8 one-day campaign.

For next On March 8th, 2019, YouAct members Frida Gunnarsson, Anamaria Suciu, Eimear Sparks, Anuki Mosiashvili, Sophie Beria, Camila Ochoa, and Hannah Beth sent in pictures with their hopes and wishes for a one-day campaign called #NextMarch8.

Some of the topics covered were abortion rights, sexism, transphobia, empowerment, racism, and sexual violence. Next year YouACT hopes to see some progress in these topics, and they will do their best to work towards it.

“Abortion continues to remain criminalised in Malta in all circumstances, but a group of civil society organisations and individuals aim to change that, launching Malta's first ever pro-choice movement called Voice For Choice. YouAct member Anuki Mosiashvili wants that voice to be heard everywhere! “




“In Germany, abortion is still a criminal act according to §218. Today thousands of people are gathering, striking and protesting to demand the complete removal of §219a, which makes it forbidden to so-called “advertise” for abortion. In February a compromise was made in the parliament to reform the law, meaning that doctors will be allowed to inform their patients that they are providing abortions, but are forbidden from giving any further information on the methods available. Next 8th March YouAct member Frida Gunnarsson wants autonomy and dignity for anyone who is in need of an abortion, and the removal of §218 and §219a from the criminal code for good. 





"For next March 8th, I hope that sexist jokes will be uncool", Anamaria Suciu, YouAct member.





“Next March 8th, I hope that trans exclusionary feminism will have become one sorry chapter in the history book of women's rights!" Eimear Sparks, YouAct member.






“Next March 8th, I wish to see more women uplifting and empowering each other!" Sophie Beria, YouAct member.









"Next March 8th, I want Anti-Racism to be on top of the Feminist Agenda!" Camila Ochoa Mendoza, YouAct member.







"Next March 8th, I want protection against sexual violence in conflict zones!" Hannah Beth, YouAct member.