SRHM front cover
02 April 2019

Maternal health in underserved tribal India

Amit Sengupta publishes a new article in SRHM’s new issue, The impact of politics on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

In Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters’ new Issue about the Impact of politics on sexual and reproductive health and rights, Amit Sengupta publishes a new piece on maternal health in tribal-rural India.

Here, the introduction of article:

"Maternal mortality has declined in many countries across the world over the decades, including in India, but the decline has been sub-optimal in resource poor and tribal-rural regions.

Remoteness and lack of modern amenities in such regions discourages trained personnel from locating themselves in such areas, leading to neglected health services, including sub-optimal health promotion activities. This exacerbates the distrust of the health system and evidence-based medical interventions, which exists amongst the marginalised populations living in these areas. We describe our experience of implementing a behaviour change intervention to improve the use of maternity services in a rural tribal area in India in a population of 80,000 over five years between 2012 and 2017..."

You can read the rest of the article online and open access.