Maps of Hospital and Doctors refusing abortions in Romania
11 July 2019

Hospitals and Doctors in Romania are withholding abortion care.

Inspire Steering Committee Member Daniela Drăghici shares her powerful story on the history of abortion in Romania.

Today is #WorldPopulationDay and I'm joining advocates around the world calling on policymakers to help make sexual and reproductive health and rights a reality for all.

I'm also sharing what's happening in #Romania. Today, the The Black Sea published an investigation conducted by Lina Vdovîi & Michael Bird in which they reveal that "Over 30 percent of hospitals in Romania are refusing legal abortions. Doctors invoke conscience clause to avoid performing abortions."

Read an excerpt of my own story in the "Abortion in Romania: a tragic history" section:

“In the 1970s, young people were afraid to have sex,” says Daniela Draghici, a 65 year-old abortion rights activist. “We never talked about pleasure. It was difficult because every single month we were thinking about getting our period. If we got our period we were very happy. If we didn’t, we were very worried, and started looking for ways out.”

When she fell pregnant in the 1970s, Drăghici contacted a network that carried out illegal abortions and underwent surgery on a kitchen table in an apartment in Bucharest.

“There were not many providers because every single person involved in the network was unsafe,” she said. “Someone took me to a doctor in an apartment in Bucharest which belonged to some woman. Everything was hush-hush: when to go, where to go, what to do, what not to do. And to come with this amount of money. It was like in the action movies; I had to leave the money in a certain place.


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We would like to thank our amazing Steering Committee Member Daniela Drăghici for the powerful story she has shared with us today and for her tireless work to make sexual and reproductive health and rights accessible to all.

Here, you can consult the 2019 map of hospitals and doctors refusing abortion in Romania

Read the full investigation by The Black Sea here.