women covering anti-choice posters
11 March 2019

Fighting anti-choice banners in Poland

Invitation to share experiences/ good practices from similar battles in your countries

The anti-choice organizations in Poland are becoming more and more visible in the public sphere with their brutal images which instrumentalize dismembered fetuses to distort the truth about abortion. The Right to Life Foundation has been presenting its manipulative exhibition since 2005, but it was not until the elections in 2015 that they could extend its scope of action. The Right to Life Foundation and The Life and Family Foundation were given a green light by the authorities to misinform the public debate, and to frighten vulnerable persons. Bloody posters, trucks and billboards commonly pop up in front of hospitals, schools and kindergartens in many cities and towns all over Poland.
In Poland many actors, including The Federation for Women and Family Planning, are engaged in diverse countermeasures which were listed and discussed here. In order to boost exchange of best practices we encourage you to share experiences of your local organization in the battle against bloody, anti-abortion banners.

Please send your lessons learnt via e-mail at federacja@federa.org.pl. Upon your consent, we will post descriptions of your action online, to inform and inspire people facing similar challenges.