11 September 2018

Equipop: Getting ready for the next G7 in France!

In France, the government will host the next G7 summit in 2019 and Equipop is getting ready to ensure that gender equality and SRHR are high on the agenda. In the past few months, the French government has taken several commitments in favor of gender equality and access to education for girls at the highest level, including during the last UN General Assembly in New-York. Equipop believes that there is strong potential and wants to build upon this to create a momentum for women’s rights and SRHR at the next G7.

Therefore, together with its partner CARE France, Equipop is launching a national consultation to collect contributions from civil society actors and to draw the attention of decision-makers on the need to pursue and to reinforce the commitments taken during the precedent G7 in Canada. As a first step, Equipop and CARE are organizing a kick-off event in Paris at the National Assembly on October 18th with representatives from civil society (NGOs, feminist associations, youth organizations), government, Parliament, private foundations and UN agencies. The event will showcase different panels focusing on SRHR, youth engagement, women’s economic and political empowerment. More than a hundred participants have signed up and there will be a Twitter tchat online beforehand to enable more SRHR advocates to join in.

This event is part of a longer-term advocacy strategy that will also include a series of consultation meetings and advocacy activities towards key decision-makers, throughout 2019. In this process, Equipop and CARE will be organizing the “W7” (Women7) Summit next Spring in France, making connections with the French G7 civil society taskforce as well as international broader initiatives.

For more information or if you want to join the consultations, please contact  lucie.daniel(at)equipop.org.