02 April 2019

Do sex and pleasure belong in a classroom?

SENSOA launches a voting aid application to guides voters through their views on sex, gender and well-being.

"Which Belgian (Flemish) political parties want free childcare? Does your identity card have to mention your gender? And according to which political parties do 'enjoyment and pleasure' belong in sexuality education classes?

In the run-up to the Belgian and European elections of 26 May, Sensoa, the Belgian member association of IPPF, çavaria, the Flemish LGBT+ umbrella organisation and the Flemish Women's Council developed a unique vote advice application. deals with gender equality, sexual health and rights and LGBT+ issues. By answering 26 questions, voters discover which party meets their opinion on these themes. Sensoa, çavaria and the Women’s Council joined forces with Tree Company, a company with extensive experience in the development of voting aid applications, and professor Dave Sinardet, a political scientist at the Free University of Brussels (VUB). They provided the methodological foundation for this project. All Flemish political parties represented in the Chamber cooperated. “It offers a unique view of the parties’ positions on these themes, "says professor Dave Sinardet.

Parties continue to differ:

Dave Sinardet: "People often think there is little difference between the various political parties on the themes of this vote advice application. Political parties like to profile themselves strongly around themes such as women's rights, sexuality or anything concerning LGBT+. But if you dig deeper into concrete and specific policy choices, you notice major differences or even contradictions. These themes provide material for political discussion, the debates are still being held and it implies that by making a choice in the voting booth, you’re also making a choice regarding these themes. "

Why a voting guide?
Policy is not just about taxes or migration, but also about, for example, the term within which an abortion can take place, whether separate asylum centres are needed for transgender people, or the implementation of the National Action Plan to combat all forms of gender-based violence. In short, policy is an important precondition for sexual health and rights, gender equality and equal opportunities for sexual minorities. touches on a wide range of themes related to inclusion, equal opportunities, well-being, health, women's rights and gender equality."


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