25 July 2019

Countdown 2030 Europe calls for MEP’s support!

Countdown 2030 Europe publishes brief on what can the new MEPs do to champion SRHR in EU’s external action.

“Promoting and investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) saves lives, improves health and contributes to realising human rights and gender equality. The EU is one of the strongest supporters of SRHR overall, and family planning in particular with SRHR being recognised as an important area in EU development policies. The EU is also one of the main donors for SRHR in terms of Official Development Assistance (ODA).

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have a critical role in promoting SRHR in EU external action and upholding the right of young women and men around the world to lead safe and dignified lives, free from coercion and harm.”

Here, you can access Countdown 2030 Europe’s 2019 fact-sheet “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights need MEPs’ support now!” The brief is also available in French.

Source: Countdown2030 Europe