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26 April 2019

BOCS Foundation developing a LoveInfo App for sex education

BOCS Foundation has collaborated in developing LoveInfo application for young people in Hungary focusing on sexual education.

"Young people won’t ask, they try" says Bettina Langmár who has envisioned LoveInfo mobile application. According to her there is a huge chaos in young people’s mind about sex, that is why she has created the application with the intention to help youngsters to learn to avoid the dangers they face (e.g. STDs, unintended pregnancies, addiction, etc.). It offers the curios reader a lot of useful information and knowledge, and it can even give concrete help when in trouble. 

This mobile application has been immensely needed, as young people cannot turn to anybody with their questions regarding private issues in most cases. What would be more self-evident in the age of smartphones, than an app which anyone can download and find out what he/she has never dared to ask about sex and the body. The App seems to be the most efficient way of communication for the target group 12-25 years old. This application is free of charge and does not require registration for downloading. You can access it from this link. It features sexual education, ecological education, drug prevention and games.  


It embraces various topics from anatomy through preventive methods to dangerous misbeliefs. There is also a drug prevention program placed in the App as a separate sub-menu. There is another menu which is focusing on human right and ecological awareness. It also includes some gamification as it has a quiz with 500 questions, so young people can test their knowledge while having fun. We have been continuously developing the application taking into consideration the needs of young people. It exists only in Hungarian at the moment but we are looking forward to finding partners and implementing the App in other languages and other countries. 

Your future

Under ’Your future’ menu, BOCS Foundation has compiled all important information in those topics we have been working on for decades. Against poverty, keeping young people uneducated, child marriages, violence and for the human right of contraception, preventing unwanted pregnancies, for children who can start their lives with prepared parents in loving homes, educational opportunities of women, women’s rights and their right to decide. The sub-menus are the following here:

  • Human rights
  • Humanity
  • You should know it better
  • Good weather
  • Beauty of Earth
  • Peace and security
  • Well being
  • Good examples

SOURCE: BOCS Foundation